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Tj `s and as they appeal to the control of the mind

Experts are divided on the time to sort the Jehovah's Witnesses as a cult or just a strange sect. They agree, however, that the group has caused psychological damage to their members. Rick Ross, an internationally recognized expert on cults and psychological counseling in the area, said: "I do not consider the Witnesses a cult - although many have another opinion. Instead, my way of seeing the group tell me they are a totalitarian and destructive using coercive techniques of thought reform. "Ross acknowledges that never had any specific experience with ex-Jehovah's Witnesses homosexuals, but he understands quite well what they suffer. "I was called to do counseling in cases involving Jehovah's Witnesses (...) The group uses isolation, coercive persuasion and irrational fear to manipulate potential recruits and retain its members."
"The eight characteristics of cults that use the mind control", from the same book Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalitarianism, Robert J. Lifton. Scott points out the areas in which the Jehovah's Witnesses deserve an A +.

Insulation - The members are separated from society and it forbids any means of education that can encourage critical thinking. The parent organization stores information about each recruit. All are monitored.

Mystical Manipulation - God punishes "bad" members to accidents, actions of ill-will, loss of material goods, etc.. The "good" members will be rewarded.

Purity requirement - The world is black or white, good or bad. Guilt and shame are used to control the individual. You should avoid all things "bad."

Confession - The serious sins (from the perspective of the group) should be confessed immediately. Members are encouraged to spy up and denounce each other.

"Truth is sacred - the group has the only truth. Its ideology is too "sacred" to be questioned. The leaders of worship must be treated with absolute reverence.

Clichés blockers of thought - these are expressions or words to end a conversation or controversy. Memories and are easily reproduced. Witnesses use Fillers as "the truth", "parent organization", "apostates" and "the world".

Primacy of the doctrine on the person - the human experience and knowledge are subordinated to the doctrine. Members are only valuable if they conform to doctrine. Common sense or logic are not taken into account.

Denial of the right to life - the group decides who is right or not to exist. Outsiders may even be victims of "sin" by the members, including lies, disappointment, separation of families, etc.. Because after all "outsiders do not deserve to exist."

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